I build useful and generous things

Chap Ambrose [email protected]

I'm a full-stack, user-centered developer. I build software for national nonprofits, VC funded startups, and businesses of all sizes. I'm productive in a variety of programming languages, but Ruby and Javascript are my first loves.

I have a passion for code, but my degrees in design have taught me to work backwards from user needs. I prefer small, remote teams where job titles and egos take a back seat to nimble collaboration and candid critique.

Heroku / Salesforce

Lead Member of Technical Staff /
Support Engineer

I partner directly with customers to scale and diagnose web applications. I provide recommendations, write documentation, and build proof-of-concepts. As a lead, I'm also working to help my team level-up their own technical and soft skills.

I was initially hesitant about the support scarlet letter on my resume, but this has turned out to be my favorite job yet. I am forced to learn nonstop while troubleshooting and digging into new apps everyday. I’ve also been pushed outside my Ruby bubble to see how other languages, frameworks, and developer communities approach the web.

American Craft

Senior Developer

I helped transition the 43 year old craft show workflow from a paper process to a custom web app. As a dev team of one, I designed and built everything from custom reporting, to parking pass printing, and event check-in.

I’ve continued to upgrade and support the system as it’s chugged along and processed millions in transactions.

Make Time Clock


I designed, kickstarted, and delivered a physical product to encourage creative side projects. Originally developed as part of the Fractured Atlas R&D pipeline, this project stretched the organization as its first physical product and first crowdfunded project.

I walked the fury road of Kickstarter fulfillment and came out stronger on the other side.

Fractured Atlas

Senior Developer

I built CMS, ticketing, and fundraising tools for this nonprofit serving artists. In addition to supporting and evolving the exisiting suite of web applications, I helped develop strategy for new products.

I introduced human-centered design techniques and led contextual research and user testing. I also coached junior developers and managed outside contractors.

Pocket Hotline


My thesis project at Austin Center for Design that spun into a startup. Originally inspired by the overwhelmed front-desk attendant at our local homeless shelter, we created a platform for any community to create toll-free hotline with volunteers answering calls from their cell phones.

Our most successful was the Rails Hotline where over 50 professional developers signed up and spent hundreds of hours dispensing free help to other programers.

Code was open sourced and powered independent communities like the TransLifeline and Letterpress Hotline.

Consultant & Mentor

Engineering, Design, and Strategy

I've done everything from one-day MVPs to years-long partnerships.

I'm drawn to projects that challenge me to learn something new: a programming language, marketing channel, business model...

Austin Center for Design

Interaction Design & Social Entrepreneurship, Certificate 2011

Savannah College of Art & Design

Industrial Design, Interaction Design Minor, BFA 2006

We Are Healers

Volunteer Board Member and Secretary, 2016–2020

Texas Master Naturalist

Lost Pines Chapter, Class of 2019